Breast Health Center Support Services

The staff of the Breast Health Center is here to help you and includes:

  • Clinical breast radiologists who specialize in the early detection of breast cancer.

  • Registered mammography and ultrasound technologists with training in breast imaging.

  • Two breast health nurse specialists focused on teaching and patient care. For patients with a biopsy recommendation, the nurses will coordinate appointments and answer any questions so you are informed about your decision. The nurses also provide caring emotional support and guidance for patients diagnosed with cancer. Our Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support is also a valuable, free resource to help patients and their families.

  • The clerical and support staff are motivated to make sure each patient has a smooth experience, from scheduling to the timely receipt of your report.

If you have questions or would like to talk to one of the breast health nurses, please call 706-475-5977 and press option 5 or email

Additional Resources for Patients & Caregivers

Mastectomy Care Videos -- Videos to help before and after a mastectomy

Georgia CORE Website -- Cancer care and support services in Georgia

Breast Cancer Tag -- Raises money for cancer support programs and services