Athens Regional Health System

Barium Enema

A Barium Enema studies the lower intestinal tract for patients with conditions such as constipation, lower abdominal pain or flank pain.

To prepare for a Barium Enema, you will be asked to pick up a prep kit three days before your exam at our main Radiology Department in the Prince Tower. The kit needs to be started 48 hours prior to your exam.

You will need to arrive one and a half hours before your scheduled time to register.

After registration, you will be directed to the procedure room in Radiology. You will be asked to change into a hospital gown and the technologist will administer the cleansing enema of water.

After the cleansing enema, you will be asked to go into the bathroom to relieve the pressure on your abdomen.

You will be asked to wait for a period of time before the barium enema. For the barium enema, the technologist will administer the barium through your rectum.

You will be asked to hold the barium in your colon for a period of time. The radiologist will watch the procedure on an X-ray monitor and may ask you to change positions on the table. You will then be asked to go into the bathroom and empty your colon.

After your exam, it is important you drink fluids to rehydrate yourself.

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