Cardiac Vascular Diagnostic Studies

Piedmont Athens Regional offers a variety of tests to diagnose and analyze cardiac and vascular conditions. Physicians use the results of these tests along with physical exams to develop a plan of care.

Common tests for cardiac and vascular conditions

  • Electrocardiographic tests
    EKGs, exercise stress, nuclear stress and Holter tests use electrocardiograms to evaluate the electrical activity generated by the heart at rest and with activity.
  • Imaging and radiographic tests
    Cardiac MRIs, Calcium ScoringPET scans, CT scans and nuclear images use imaging technology to analyze the heart.
  • Ultrasound tests
    Echocardiograms, TEE, arteriograms, ABI and vascular scans use ultrasound or high frequency sound waves to create graphic images of the heart and other vascular structures.
  • Invasive tests
    Heart caths, peripheral angiography and EP studies involve inserting catheters into the blood vessels in order to get a closer look at the arteries of the heart, the carotid or other arteries.