Information for Surgery Patients

At Piedmont Athens Regional, we take special precautions to make sure the information we collect about you and your planned surgery is correct and accurate. We can then plan for your needs, make sure we have the supplies your doctors will need, and be prepared for your visit.

Share Your Health History

Your health history can influence your surgery. It's important for us to know details about any allergies or reactions you've had to any medication, food or latex, herbal supplements or vitamins.

Patient Safety Commitment

We have many steps and safeguards to verify your identification, the planned procedure and the site of your surgery. We'll ask you to participate in our surgical site confirmation process as we identify where your surgery is planned. It's important you clearly understand what your surgeon is going to do. Several members of our healthcare team may ask you the same question a number of times.

Prevention of infections is extremely important in the hospital, but particularly in the surgery areas. We follow strict hand washing procedures and wear gloves for starting IV's, surgical procedures, and caring for surgical wounds.

Ask Us Questions

Even though we try our best to be thorough, there will be times when you have questions or need us to clarify. Your concerns are important to us. It's our job and our pleasure to answer your questions and help you understand.