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Do you have questions about the Affordable Care Act? We want to help.

Athens Regional Medical Center is a participating or contracted hospital provider with the following companies that provide or arrange for health insurance for individuals, employees of companies, and their dependents*. This list is subject to change. Please verify coverage and benefits with your insurance company before your appointment or procedure.

The insurance accepted at Home Health, Regional Rehabilitation, Regional Lab Outreach, Regional Sleep Lab and Regional FirstCare may be different. Also, our physician practices accept most of these plans but you should always check with your individual provider to verify coverage and benefits.

Commercial Payer Participation

Georgia Health Insurance Exchange Plan Participation

  • Alliant Health Plans
  • Humana "National Preferred" (HMO/POS)
  • Kaiser Permanente

Medicaid and Medicaid CMO Participation

Medicare Advantage Plan Participation

*Commercial payer contracts do not include as "in-network" all ARMC ancillary hospital services (e.g., laboratory, sleep centers, home health/infusion, etc.). Contact your insurance company before your appointment or service date to confirm whether they are in-network. Please note the Mind Body Institute does not participate with any private insurance carriers, and does not file any private insurance claims. Talk to your insurance carrier or benefits manager about Mind Body Institute services. If MBI services are covered, the MBI will provide a receipt to file with your claim.

Coverage or Billing Questions?

Learn more about coverage and billing, including payment arrangements and financial assistance.

We also have answers to commonly asked questions about the Affordable Care Act.

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