MRI Technology

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) produces remarkable images of the body without the use of radiation. Instead, it uses the physical properties of magnetic fields, radio waves and sophisticated computers.

This technology provides quicker, more accurate results aiding physicians in the diagnosis of brain disorders, liver and other abdominal diseases, as well as other injuries to various parts of the body such as the spine, knee, and shoulder.

MRI also plays a large role in the detection of various types of cancer, including breast cancer, and is becoming a more important tool in evaluating the function and structure of the heart.

Piedmont Athens Regional is home to three MRI scanners, the newest of which is an especially important addition. The Siemens Espree Open MRI Scanner is a revolutionary Open MRI design. For the claustrophobic patient and very large patients, it provides a much more comfortable environment for an MRI scan.

Unlike other "open" MRI scanners on the market, our new Espree Open scanner possesses the same magnetic field strength as traditional "closed" MRI scanners. That strength translates to quicker scans with much greater image clarity and resolution, meaning more accurate, timely diagnoses and far fewer repeat scans.