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New Grad FAQ

How do I know if new grad positions are available?

Each January we post a position specifically for new grads. The position will be listed among our job openings as NEW GRAD. When all the intern spots are filled, the posting is removed. After that, new grads are free to apply for regular RN postings. If the unit is not going consider a new grad you will be notified.

Do I have to pass boards before applying for a position?

No, senior nursing students are encouraged to apply each January, prior to the completion of their senior year. We intervfiew in early spring. Mid-year graduates may also apply prior to graduation.

What happens after I apply?

Once you apply your application is reviewed by a nurse recruiter. If a unit is considering new grads your application is forwarded. The department selects the top candidates to interview. After interviews, the department choses a candidate. That candidate is then issued a contingent offer. If the department is not considefring new grads you will be notified using our status check tool in the job listings.

How do I pick the area I want?

The general “new grad” positing that is listed in January is used for all new grads. Areas of interest will be discussed individually.

Can I submit a resume?

Yes but we encourage you to complete the application in its entirety and not to rely on a resume to "sell yourself."

What areas hire new grads?

Most of our areas will accept new grads. The number of openings varies from year to year.

Do new grads attend orientation?

Spring graduates attend general hospital orientation followed by an internship in their area. Once you complete the internship you begin unit specific internships that vary depending on the unit.

Do you require commitments from new grads?

The OR and PACU require a two year commitment due to the length of the internship. Other areas ask you be prepared to stay on the unit a minimum of one year.

Other suggestions to help you successfully apply for new grad opportunities:

  • Complete online application in its entirety.
  • Most units will start their new grads on the night shift (7p.m. to 7 a.m.).
  • List volunteer opportunities that apply to the job.
  • Build professional networks and affiliations through professional organizations such as: Georgia Student Nursing or the National Student Nursing organizations.
  • Be flexible in availability whenever possible.
  • Be aware you must present yourself as a professional at all times. Email addresses, ring tones, answer tones, Facebook profiles, etc.
  • Dress professionally for interviews.
  • Be prepared for interviews.
  • "Like" Athens Regional Medical Center on Facebook to learn more about our facility.
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