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Melinda Hawley, LCSW, has been involved in mindfulness practice since 2000 in both her professional and personal life.  She assists individuals in experiencing heightened awareness, a key component in addressing the psychological, physical, and emotional pain many, if not most people experience at some point during their lives. Her role is "To assist you in finding answers and solutions to life challenges, and to bring to our collaboration effective tools to enhance your quality of life.  I can also help you find the motivation and persistence to move forward on the path to self-growth and change. Generic advice is unlikely to be helpful; instead, we will follow an approach to healing that resonates with you but may have been difficult to find during times of personal challenge and crisis."

Melinda says, "My counseling approach is informed by deep respect for the individual and his or her right to self-determination.  It is a strengths-based perspective, which recognizes that individuals react to and impact their environments, just as mind and body interact. My professional ethics embrace integrity, competence, and the dignity and worth of the individual."


Tim Sweatman, LCSW, has been a counselor and psychotherapist since 1997. He has worked with people of all ages, helping individuals, couples and families face a wide range of problems. Tim maintains a client-centered philosophy in his practice. Through mindfulness-based psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, he uses his skills to strengthen the natural momentum for health and wholeness inherent in all people and to help overcome barriers through teamwork with his clients. 

Tim says of himself, "I provide support and create a nurturing environment that helps people become mindful so they can build a richer experience of life regardless of the troubles they face. I believe an enhanced awareness of the potential within each moment opens new ways to respond to the stress each of us faces on a daily basis. This greater awareness of the present offers us the opportunity to engage more creatively with the people in our lives, the circumstances we face, and with ourselves."


Mona Taylor, LCSW, MBIMona Taylor, LCSW, specializes in working with those living with grief and/or coping with pain. She is a licensed clinical social worker and has used an Adaptation to Illness Model of Therapeutic Intervention, developed by Dr. John Rolland at the University of Chicago, for most of her professional work. The model describes mental, emotional and spiritual challenges and changes that happen as we are experiencing the physical challenges of an illness.

Mona says, " I have been associated with Athens Regional for 23 years, at first as an oncology social worker, then as Director of Cancer Support Services. During this time, I always have carved out time to see clients/patients one-on-one to provide supportive therapy as people are challenged to adapt their lives to adjust to the demands and rigors of an acute, chronic or terminal illness. ... Your doctor can manage your illness and we can help you manage your life as you cope with the illness. 

"I have also provided individual and group grief therapy. Grief is such a surprising and intense emotion that it can unexpectedly overwhelm a person. There are things we can do to help one manage grief. I look forward to being a part of the MBI team and providing psychotherapy services in this unique environment."

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