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Outpatient Pulmonary

Shortness of breath, a common symptom associated with lung disease, can be unpleasant and troubling. This symptom often leads to a decline in activity and a cycle of progressive weakening.

The Outpatient Pulmonary Program helps you break the downward spiral so you can improve your quality of life. The program offers education and an opportunity to acquire self-help skills so you can live as fully and independently as possible with pulmonary disease.

Who Should Participate?

Candidates for Outpatient Pulmonary sessions are individuals highly motivated and willing to make a serious and active commitment to improving their functional ability. Individuals with any type of lung disease are considered for the program.

All participants must receive a doctor's referral for program consideration.

For your safety, some testing may be ordered by your physician before the exercise sessions start.

Contact Us

For more information about this program, email us or call 706-475-3511.

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