Payment Arrangements

Making financial arrangements before your hospital stay can help speed up the discharge process and case ease your mind, helping you focus on your health.Check your deductible and co-insurance amounts with your insurance provider before you're admitted. See a list of accepted insurance plans.

Patients who do not have insurance will be expected to pay a $1,000 deposit prior to an inpatient admission.

Surgical and medical deposits are due by the time of admission. Account balances above the initial deposit are due in full at time of discharge.

Patients covered by insurance are expected to pay for the following items prior to discharge:

Coverage & Payment

One group policy - deductible + co-insurance

Two group policies - 0

One individual policy - $1,000.00

Medicare (only) - deductible + co-insurance

Medicare and supplemental policy - 0

Medicare with Medicaid - 0

Medicaid only - copay

Deposit amounts are subject to verification of insurance benefits. Any balance not paid by your insurance company is due in full 60 days after your insurance is filed. To assure claim payment within 60 days, contact your insurance company if 30 days has elapsed since your insurance was filed, and you have not received an explanation of claim payment.

More Billing Information