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Mind Body Institute History

Mind Body Institute ... a resource for healing

The Mind Body Institute (MBI) was created when a group of physicians asked for - and received - the support of Athens Regional Health System's (ARHS) leadership. They saw results and wanted complementary services available for their patients, and so the MBI was born. 

As part of ARHS' goal to serve our community, we offer a range of evidence-supported and safe treatment options. These options blend ancient and modern tools of eastern and western medicine.

We define health as more than absence of disease. It is a state of complete physical, psychological, social and spiritual balance and well-being. Good health, like a well-constructed life, must combine the balanced care of body, mind and spirit to produce the best outcome. We are actively engaged in promoting optimal health, even in the treatment of chronic conditions and ongoing illnesses. The client is our partner in creating health.

Today's demanding lifestyles create a host of health issues uncommon in previous generations. Imbalances occur when the body cannot maintain equilibrium, creating stress, anxiety, depression and other disorders that can lead to chronic physical illness. Chronic pain, healing from cancer and its treatment, arthritis, immune system difficulties, digestive problems, depression and anxiety, and injuries are some examples of the many conditions we address.

At the Mind Body Institute, you can feel confident your health issues will be addressed with caring, professional guidance. 

Our Mission

Helping individuals, families and communities achieve optimal health and vitality through the integration of education; tools for healthy living; caring, professional guidance; and research.

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