Public Safety Services

During your visit at Piedmont Athens Regional, your safety is top on our list. Our Public Safety Department provides vigilant, around-the-clock security and assistance for your convenience.

  • Security escorts: We offer escorts to and from parking areas and buildings on the Piedmont Athens Regional campus. Call 706-475-3911 or dial ext. 3911 if you're calling from within the hospital.

  • Incident reports: We are happy to provide these in the event of a security-related concern.

  • Patient valuables: Stored in a secured area at the request of patients. If you're unable to leave valuables at home or with family members, contact us and we'll put small items (wallets, jewelry, etc.) in a safe until your discharge.

  • Lost and found services: If you lose any valuables during your stay at Piedmont Athens Regional, call 706-475-5246 or 706-475-5064.

  • Vehicle assistance: Offered for minor vehicle problems such as dead batteries. Call 706-475-3911 for assistance.

  • Parking services: Can be found in many different locations on campus. Call 475-3432 if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact Public Safety

Do not hesitate to report any suspicious activity. If you feel unsafe or need any type of assistance during your visit, contact us at 706-475-3911.