In-Home Telemonitoring Services

Piedmont Home Health is dedicated to helping our patients improve their health and achieve greater independence. For patients with heart failure, our innovative home telemonitoring program is there.

What is In-Home Telemonitoring?

Our home telemonitoring program allows a nurse to view the patient's vital signs every day. The patient takes his blood pressure, pulse, chest fluid status, and weight in his own home, using our equipment. The results are then sent through the phone line to a computer in our office. A nurse reads these vital signs each day and calls the patient when needed.

This service does not replace our regular home visits. Our nurses still visit all of our patients in their homes. Home telemonitoring simply allows us to give patients attention every day and alerts us to the need to call the doctor. This level of attention and concern is what sets us apart from other home health agencies.

More About Telemonitoring

Piedmont Home Health is one of only a few agencies in Northeast Georgia to use home telemonitoring. Since we began this program in December 2008, it has helped our patients stay out of the hospital and prevent unnecessary and often lengthy visits to the emergency room. Our patients love it. Home telemonitoring gives them immediate feedback about their condition and gives them more control over their care.

Contact Us About In-Home Telemonitoring

Learn more about how in-home telemonitoring works or call Piedmont Home Health at 706-475-5500 if you think you or someone you know would benefit from it.