Hospital Registration Requirements

When you come to the hospital, Registration will ask you to verify all demographic and insurance information.

You will be required to provide:

  • Photo ID card (Such as your driver's license, state ID or military ID)
  • Health insurance card
  • Physician Orders
  • Referral authorization from your Primary Care Physician or insurance company
  • If you have one, Living Will and/or Durable Power Attorney if you are scheduled for surgery or are arriving for inpatient services.
  • Written "permission to treat" from a parent or legal guardian if a minor will be unaccompanied by the responsible party. Proof of Legal Guardianship, if applicable.

You will also be required to sign the Consent for Treatment, authorization to bill insurance and an insurance disclaimer form at time of registration. You will be asked to review and acknowledge our Notice of Privacy Practices. Medicare recipients will be asked questions to complete a Medicare Secondary Payor Questionnaire.

Insurance Co-payments and Deductibles

Patients are responsible for all financial liabilities including co-payments and deductibles due at the time of service rendered or at the time of discharge for emergency admissions. If the exact dollar amount has not been determined for your services, you may be asked to pay the estimated dollar amount and will be billed for the remainder of your portion.