Woman-centered Physical Therapy

Woman-centered physical therapy treatment may include:

  • Exercises designed specifically for you to stretch or relax tight muscles and strengthen weak ones.
  • Manual therapy techniques for painful scars or tight or tense muscles.
  • Biofeedback - the electrical feedback of nerves - to monitor muscle activity.
  • Improvements and the restoration of joint movement.
  • Electrical stimulation, TENS (trans-cutaneous electrical stimulation), heat, cold or ultrasound for pain relief.
  • Guiding you in changing poor habits such as holding muscles in a tense position.
  • Educating you in good work postures, rest positions and relaxation techniques.
  • Helping you develop a program for life-long fitness for your body's needs.

A physical therapist trained in examination and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction can help you manage your problem. If you think you may benefit from physical therapy, ask your physician to refer you.