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Installing Citrix for the first Time?

Citrix Update Announcement

We are planning to update our Citrix portal’s NetScaler certificate, currently scheduled for Jan. 3, 2017. Our certificate is expiring and we have to make this change to maintain external Citrix connectivity from outside the hospital. While we have checked with Citrix and the certificate update should not present any issues, we are not able to validate that without actually making the change. A potential “SSL error code 61” message might pop up after making the change. If you get that error message, you will need to update your Citrix client by uninstalling the Citrix agent you had and installing the new agent from

Already Have Citrix Installed?

You will only need to install the client one time. After installing, please "accept" the Piedmont Athens Regional terms and conditions below.

This system and the information contained in it is the property of Piedmont Athens Regional (PAR). Users of this system expressly consent to and are subject to having all of their activities on the system monitored by authorized PAR personnel or their agents. Individuals using the system without authority or in excess of their authority may undergo disciplinary action or termination and civil and/or criminal prosecution for those activities.