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Health Tip: Common Triggers for Dandruff 03/02/2015
Including dry skin
Health Tip: Having Heart Palpitations 08/25/2015
Strong emotions or medication are possible triggers
Health Tip: Prevent Dog Bites 06/04/2015
Don't approach one that's sleeping, eating or playing with a toy
Health Tip: A Trip to the Sandwich Shop Can Be Healthy 06/15/2015
If you make these substitutions
Health Tip: Acne Has Lasting Effects 12/15/2015
Including poor self-esteem
Health Tip: Add Exercise to Your Family's Regular Routine 04/06/2015
Play a sport, or go for a walk
Health Tip: After You Finish a Marathon 07/29/2015
Drink water and eat
Health Tip: Air Pollution Can Harm Your Health 01/11/2016
Especially if you're asthmatic
Health Tip: Applying Artificial Nails 04/17/2015
Suggestions for at-home use