Breast Health Center Services

Depending on your concern, Piedmont Athens Regional Breast Health Center offers screening and diagnostic mammography, ultrasounds, clinical breast exams, or image-guided biopsies.

Mammography and Ultrasounds

There are three digital mammography units at the center and another one on the Mobile Mammography Unit. Digital mammography has been proven to be a better screening tool for women younger than 50 with dense breasts and pre- and peri-menopausal women.

The Breast Health Center also offers the latest in breast 3D mammography.

The American College of Radiology has accredited both mammography and Breast Ultrasound in the Athens Regional Breast Health Center.

Image-guided Biopsies

Image-guided biopsies can be performed either by ultrasound or by mammogram guidance depending on how the lesion/area is best visualized.

A radiologist will interpret your mammogram using traditional methods, plus the R2 Image Checker. The Image Checker uses digital technology to locate structural abnormalities within the breast.

For every 1,000 cancers currently detected by screening mammography, the Image Checker could result in early detection of an additional 205 breast cancers.