Cancer Rehabilitation

Piedmont Athens Regional Rehabilitation offers many services with the cancer survivor in mind.

Cancer Rehab

Cancer Rehab focuses on regaining muscle strength, improving endurance and mobility as well as  learning methods to allow functional independence for patients who are currently undergoing or who have completed cancer treatment.

Women's Health Rehabilitation

Women's Health Rehabilitation includes physical therapy services for treatment of pelvic pain, incontinence and post-surgical rehab following gynecological surgery and treatment.

Post-Mastectomy Rehab

Post-Mastectomy Rehab works to improve range of motion, flexibility and strength for women who experience stiffness following breast cancer surgery. Aquatic therapy is also available to improve flexibility and endurance.

Lymphedema Management

Lymphedema Management conducted by a therapist certified in Complete Decongestive Therapy, is appropriate for all stages of lymphedema. This therapy assists with the side effects of cancer surgery and treatment and with patients who are interested in minimizing their risk of developing lymphedema.

Dysphagia Therapy

Dysphagia Therapy is for patients who have difficulty swallowing or managing saliva following treatment from throat and neck cancers. This program may also involve the use of Vital Stim, which is electrical stimulation that aids the strengthening of muscles involved in swallowing.

Cognitive Speech Therapy

Cognitive Speech Therapy addresses memory loss, communication problems and other cognitive difficulties that may be associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatment.