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Health Matters for Families

Health Matters for Families

Childhood Obesity Program

One in three American children is overweight. It's a health concern that has us working to help.

The goal of our free Health Matters for Families program is to provide wellness care for children -- and their families -- who are identified as being at-risk for childhood obesity.

We use motivational interviewing -- a counseling and communication technique -- to strengthen motivation and commitment to change. Families are guided to establish self-identified goals and to choose behavioral, dietary and physical exercise options to begin with support through regularly scheduled appointments with our community educators.

Incremental successes encourage families to make the lifestyle changes required to improve their health.

Health Matters for Families Background

Health Matters for Families is a partnership with physicians of Athens Pediatrics at Resource Medical -- Kristina St. Clair, M.D., Margaret Sherman, M.D., and Jon M. Udwadia, M.D. This pilot program is based on the Strong4Life program developed by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the “Let’s Move” program were also key in the local program's development.

Athens Regional Health System has the means to address the issue, the staff to guide the program, and the passion and commitment to the community to begin making this change for future generations.

Childhood Obesity Program Information

For more information about our childhood obesity program, ask your pediatrician or call our community educators at 706-475-1029.

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