Athens Regional Health System

Home Health Resources

Resources for Patients

Personal Home Health Record
This document will help you keep your health information together for when you need to refer to it or share it with your doctors and nurses. Print it out to complete it.

Interactive Videos from the Patient Education Institute
The National Institutes of Health offers interactive videos from the Patient Education Institute about many health concerns. We reviewed these videos and think they'll be a great resource for you.

Resources for Medical Professionals

Home Health Encounter Guide
This guide will help you comply with the regulatory requirement to document a face-to-face encounter for patients you refer to home health care so your patient can receive the care needed.

Face-to-Face Referral Form
This all-in-one, easy to use form allows you to order the home care services needed by your patient and complete the required face-to-face documentation required by Medicare and Medicaid.

Job Aid for Physicians and Office Staff
Home Health Homebound Criteria Guidelines

Care Plan Oversight Tracker
Assists physicians in tracking care minutes for Medicare reimbursement.

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