Athens Regional Health System


All Remote Access Users

Please install the Citrix 11 client from the link below. To remote print, you will also need to install the printing client from the link below. (Internet Explorer is recommended, especially for printing.) You will only need to install these clients one time. After installing, please "accept" the ARHS terms and conditions upon entering the website.

There are a few steps to configure a Mac to print from Citrix. Only certain Citrix clients will allow printing.
  1. Uninstall any Citrix client that is not version 11.0, 11.1, or 11.2 that is currently installed. Reboot.
  2. Install the 11.2 client: Citrix XenApp Client

Install the Screwdrivers client: RAP Printer Client
(You only need to install this software once.)

This system and the information contained in it is the property of Athens Regional Health Services, Inc.(ARHS). Users of this system expressly consent to and are subject to having all of their activities on the system monitored by authorized ARHS personnel or their agents. Individuals using the system without authority or in excess of their authority may undergo disciplinary action or termination and civil and/or criminal prosecution for those activities.

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