Mammogram FAQ

How common is breast cancer?

The risk of breast cancer increases with age, growing to a 1 in 8 risk over a woman's lifetime. The good news is a woman's chance of surviving breast cancer may be as high as 90 percent if it is detected early.

Who should get a mammogram?

The American Cancer Society recommends women age 40 and over have a screening mammogram every year. 

How do I schedule a mammogram?

Book your mammogram.You can schedule your screening mammogram yourself or through your doctor's office but either way you will need to have a doctor's order at the time of your exam. You must have at least one year between your screening mammograms.

Diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds should be ordered by your doctor's office to make sure we get the clinical information we need.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, call 706-475-4960.

What should I expect during the mammogram?

Once you check-in at the Breast Health Center, you'll be taken to a changing room where you'll be provided with one of our spa robes and a locker for your things. A technologist will then take you to the exam room for your mammogram.

During the mammogram, you'll have to undress above the waist. A technologist will position your breast for a high quality mammogram.

Your breast will be pressed to create a clear image. This can be uncomfortable and some women will experience slight pain, but the procedure lasts only a few seconds.

When will I receive my results?

The Breast Health Center provides same-day results for all diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds.

A radiologist will interpret your mammogram using traditional methods, plus the R2 Image Checker. The Image Checker uses digital technology to locate structural abnormalities within the breast.

Patients who have a screening exam will be mailed a letter regarding their results and contacted directly if the radiologist recommends additional diagnostic exams.

If needed, you may be called back for additional views and further evaluation by the radiologist. This is not unusual.

What if I have more questions?

For questions or to schedule an appointment, call us at 706-475-4960.