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Mind Body Institute FAQ

Do I need a doctor's referral to come to the MBI?
No. You can use any of our services without a referral. Our services are carefully designed to be safe and supportive. They do not conflict with other treatments or medicines.

If you are having physical therapy, or some other physical issues, we may encourage you to check with your doctor. But no referral is needed.

Are your services covered by insurance?
The MBI does not participate with any private insurance carriers. We also do not file any private insurance claims. Talk to your insurance carrier or benefits manager at work. If services are covered, we are happy to provide a receipt to file with your claim. We can, however, file Medicare for certain services provided at Mind Body Institute.

How much does it cost?
To find out about acupuncture or psychotherapy, call 706-475-7330.

How do I find out more about yoga and mindfulness programs?
See our Course Schedule or call 706-475-7330.

Does acupuncture hurt? I hate needles!
Acupuncture needles are very thin, and rarely, if ever, hurt. If Dr. Skelton is releasing a tight muscle, there can sometimes be some muscle discomfort, but he will not use a site that is truly painful.

How are the needles used for acupuncture cleaned?
All acupuncture needles are new, used only once, and discarded in a hospital sharps box. 

Do I have to disrobe for acupuncture?
Very, very rarely. Dr. Skelton can almost always find an appropriate site that is accessible. 

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