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The Mind Body Institute is fully committed to applying scientific scrutiny to all services, programs and therapies regarding safety and efficacy. 

Our Back Care Yoga program has been the subject of a control-group Nursing Ph.D. dissertation, and found to be effective.


When the MBI was conceived by the physicians of Athens Regional Medical Center, they wanted to track the results of our interventions with the people who receive our services. We now have 18 months of data. The short story is that our programs work very well. We knew our clients improved, but collected data tells a very specific and dramatic story of health recovery.

All of the data we collect is confidential, and collected on volunteers by researchers at a reputable institution of higher learning, such as UGA or other university under the auspices of their research review boards and that of Athens Regional Medical Center.

Our researchers measure depression, anxiety, physical and social functioning, role functioning, pain, emotional well-being, fatigue and general health status. They also measure "mindfulness" a meditation technique that we teach. Amazingly, we found statistically significant improvement in all measures. Also, all programs including yoga increased mindfulness. The more mindfulness a participant acquired, the less s/he was subject to depression and anxiety.

Every program we measured showed efficacy. We measured therapeutic, gentle and Yoga for Serenity. We measured our own mind body program, Bridges to Health. It is to early yet to know which programs are the most potent or which develop the most mindfulness but with continued data collection we may be able to answer even those questions.

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