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Do you live with chronic pain or struggle with stress? The healing techniques and services we offer at the Mind Body Institute (MBI) at Athens Regional are evidence-based and designed to complement your medical care.

Mind Body Institute Programs


Massage Therapy

Mindfulness and Meditation


Tai Chi


Mind Body Institute Tai Chi in the Park

About Mind Body Medicine

Mind body medicine treats the whole person, drawing on the body's natural ability to heal. It uses the extraordinary connection of the mind, body and spirit and the ability of each to affect the others. At Athens Regional, mind body medicine is a complementary therapy. All of our clients continue to see their physician and pursue recommended treatment.

Evidence-based Holistic Care

The MBI only offers therapies that are effective and safe. Our holistic care programs, treatment plans and clinical services are supported by scientific evidence. In 2008, we completed a rigorous control-group study of our Back Care Yoga program, showing people who took this class had less pain, took less pain medication and had an improved sense of well-being.

Experience Mind Body Medicine at Athens Regional

Please note: A doctor's referral is not necessary for any of our services. The MBI does not participate with any private insurance carriers. We also do not file any private insurance claims. 

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