Athens Regional Health System

New Grad Orientation

Our orientation program is designed to ease the transition of the New Graduate Nurse from novice to experienced nurse. Graduate nurses who are accepted for employment at ARMC will attend New Graduate Nursing Orientation (NGO). NGO is designed to familiarize the New Graduate Nurse with ARMC and our nursing policies and procedures. New Graduate Nursing Orientation takes place in a relaxed classroom setting and incorporates both didactic and practical hands-on experiences that cover various topics related to the New Grad's role as a care provider.

Orientation continues beyond the classroom setting on the unit-level with a primary Preceptor for as long as necessary (a minimum of 12 weeks) to assure competent performance of the New Grad Nurse. New nurses come to us with a variety of experiences, skills, education and backgrounds. It is the expectation that New Grad will be an active participant in his/her orientation process-identifying their learning needs and seeking guidance to meet those needs. Our Preceptors are committed to providing an individualized, flexible orientation to assist the New Graduate Nurse succeed in his/her new role.

New Grad Nursing RoundTables & Mentorship Programs

We also offer two additional programs in order to provide continued support to the New Grad Nurse during his/her first year-New Grad Nursing RoundTables and the Nurse Mentorship Program. Each quarterly New Grad Nursing RoundTable consists of an educational opportunity (either clinical or life practical) as well as support group networking. The RoundTables are designed to enhance and accelerate skills necessary to work in the hospital environment as well as positively impact New Grads in the socialization to their professional Nursing role.

Our Nurse Mentorship Program matches each New Grad Mentee with an experienced Nurse Mentor based on personal and professional interests. Personal and professional growth is enhanced when knowledge, skills, and experiences are shared. The Nurse Mentorship Program is a cost-effective and successful way to foster long-term growth and retention of new nurses by using a structured support system to enhance job satisfaction. Mentoring is an ongoing commitment to facilitate success of the new nurse as well as our organization.

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