Post-Op Back Program

Early, appropriate activity and exercise enhance recovery after surgery.

Our personalized Post-Op Back program requires physician referral and is, ideally, initiated within seven days after surgery. This safe and progressive program includes both exercise and education for patients recovering from spine surgery.

Patients are given a personalized rehabilitation plan that progresses through early range of motion to core stabilization, improving confidence and getting them back on their feet.

Post-Op Back Program Outline

First and Second Visits

  • Evaluation
  • Early range of motion
  • Intro to aerobic exercise
  • Back school
  • Aquatic therapy as needed

Third and Fourth Visits

  • Progressive range of motion
  • Neural tension stretches
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Back school

Fifth and Sixth Visits

  • Strengthening/core stabilization
  • Lumbar spine stretches
  • Back school
  • Work conditioning

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