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Prostate Screening with Vivid Look

According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 6 men over the age of 40 will develop prostate cancer during their lifetime. That's why it's recommended men have their PSA (prostate-specific antigen) checked regularly beginning at age 40. This is a simple prick of the finger blood test performed by a nurse or physician.

PSA is a substance made mostly by the prostate. Increased amounts of this substance in a man's blood can be an indicator of prostate cancer, among other things.

At that point, a closer look can mean the difference between life and death. An elevated PSA level often leads to a prostate biopsy to confirm the presence of cancer. Early detection is the first step to ensuring positive outcomes.

Athens Regional First in Georgia with Advanced Technology for Prostate Cancer Detection

Athens Regional Medical Center was the first hospital in Georgia to use cutting-edge, advanced image analysis technology with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to assist radiologists, urologists, radiation and medical oncologists in the fight against prostate cancer.

VividLook®, iCAD is a software package designed to provide a reliable means of visualizing the presence and pattern of contrast-induced enhancement of MR images in the prostate.This program helps prostate cancer cells stand out in situations where they might normally be undetectable.

This technology analyzes all the MRI images and creates colorized maps based on how the contrast material flows into and out of the prostate. The enhanced visual images help radiologists distinguish benign from malignant lesions.

By using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with this type of technology, we can more accurately localize and stage prostate cancer while potentially minimizing the number of prostate biopsies a patient may require.

The ability to better see and predict if and where cancerous cells exist within the prostate, enables a urologist to diagnose and treat, if necessary, earlier than ever before.

This technology also affords the urologist and the patient the opportunity to determine whether the disease needs to be treated immediately or not.

With the acquisition of this state of the art technology that aims to improve diagnostic imaging capabilities in order to more accurately diagnosis and treat prostate cancer, Athens Regional remains one of the leading healthcare providers in the state.

The VividLook screening requires a referral from your physician. If you have an abnormal PSA, ask your doctor about Athens Regional's prostate cancer screening with VividLook.

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