Sleep Disorders Center Services

The Sleep Disorders Center is a certified center. This important distinction from other labs means we become a partner in your care, working with you and your doctor to build a personal treatment plan.

Sleep Lab Rooms

The rooms at the sleep lab have been specially designed to look and feel like bedrooms. They have queen sleigh beds, comfortable linens, televisions and dressers.

Technologists monitor patients' sleep patterns during an overnight stay. Overnight sessions begin around 8 p.m. and end about 7 a.m. By the time morning arrives, the center has collected enough information to help diagnose and/or treat a sleep disorder.

Sleep Lab Technology

We diagnose sleep disorders through polysomnography and help develop treatment plans using BiPAP and CPAP systems.

Using infrared lighting, video cameras monitor each patient at the center. Electrodes are used to monitor brainwave and muscle activity, eye and leg movement, breathing and heart rate.

The center's state-of-the-art equipment helps determine if a patient has abnormalities of breathing, movement, disruption of sleep stages or cardiac rhythm. The latest version of Compumedics captures high quality data and eliminates artifacts during testing, which allows for more efficient and accurate readings. ProFusion neXus is a robust laboratory management system designed to optimize operations, giving us additional tools to provide an exceptional level of care and service for our patients.