Student Volunteer FAQ

Who is allowed to volunteer in the student volunteer program at Piedmont Athens Regional?

Students who are enrolled at UGA, Athens Tech and other universities, colleges and technical schools participate in the student volunteer program at Piedmont Athens Regional.

How many hours will I work as a student volunteer at Piedmont Athens Regional?

Student volunteers are placed during the first week of each semester. Student volunteers then work at least three hours per week for the remaining 15 weeks of the academic semester.

Students are encouraged to continue working during breaks from school (such as winter holiday break, Spring Break, etc.) and to return for consecutive semesters of service.

Piedmont Athens Regional does not set up one-time observations/visits for student volunteers. We also do not allow credit for volunteer hours toward court-related community service assignments.

Can I work weekends or evenings after school/work?

Yes! Many of the student volunteers work on evenings and weekends.

How and when do I apply to volunteer at Piedmont Athens Regional?

Volunteer placement is held in January, May and August. Each new student volunteer must attend one placement and one orientation session before beginning work. Also, each student must comply with the health screening requirements and bring documentation of this to the placement session. Students who do not comply will be asked to return the following semester with complete documentation. Students will not be allowed to volunteer at Piedmont Athens Regional without these documents.

Where and when will I work as a student volunteer?

At the semester placement session you will have an opportunity to read listings of "volunteer responsibilities" for various departments that have requested student volunteers. You will also see a listing of times and days volunteer assignments are available. During a short placement interview, you will be placed into a weekly three-hour volunteer assignment based on your choice of service area and available time slot. Students who arrive early at the placement session have a larger selection of placement opportunities since students are placed on a first-come, first-served basis.

What else will I do at the placement and orientation sessions?

During the placement session, you will complete an application, have an ID picture taken for your Piedmont Athens Regional name tag and learn more about the area to which you are assigned to work.

During the Hospital Orientation session you will be trained in infection control, fire safety and codes, confidentiality, etc. The orientation is required for all hospital volunteers as mandated by the Joint Commission and OSHA. You will also receive department-specific training on your first day of work in your assigned area. Health screening and orientation updates are required annually thereafter.

Where do I park for placement and orientation sessions? 

Parking is available in the Talmadge Drive Parking Deck.

Will I get a record of my hours worked to use with job or school applications in the future?

Each volunteer is expected to clock in and clock out for each shift worked. Volunteers who fail to clock in will not have a complete record of hours worked. The Volunteer Services Department will provide a letter of documentation of hours worked upon request.

What if I want to return for a second semester of volunteer work?

Students may return to work for several semesters or even years. Usually, a student's schedule will change from semester to semester due to changes in class schedules. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Volunteer Services office of any schedule changes and desire to change volunteer assignment. Students must keep the same volunteer schedule and assignment area for the duration of the semester. However, students may change to a new department and schedule at the beginning of the following semester by attending another placement session.

What other expectations do you have for student volunteers at Piedmont Athens Regional?

Many departments at Piedmont Athens Regional depend on the assistance of student volunteers. Many student volunteers are interested in job related experiences; however, it is desirable that both the student and the hospital reap benefits from the volunteer assignment. The hospital desires punctual, dependable, committed individuals who can help patients, families, visitors, and staff in a variety of ways. As a volunteer, you will be expected to fulfill the duties assigned to you which in turn will help Piedmont Athens Regional provide better service to its customers.

Also, all student volunteers are expected to dress professionally and follow any department-specific dress codes. You will learn more information about hospital dress codes at orientation.

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