Athens Regional Health System

Volunteer FAQ

What kind of training do I need to volunteer at ARMC?

Volunteers need no special training to get involved. Interested applicants are interviewed, and special talents and personal schedules are matched to the hospital's needs. Most volunteer approximately four hours once a week. However, additional hours are always welcome. Evenings and weekend volunteers are always needed as well as weekdays.

Will volunteering help me get a job at Athens Regional?

Volunteer Services and Human Resources are separate departments at Athens Regional. To apply for a job, review our career opportunities.

Every once in a while, a volunteer is hired for a position at Athens Regional, but we must caution that isn't the norm. Also, due to the amount of training required for hospital volunteers, we ask for a three-month commitment to Volunteer Services.

Will this meet my community service requirements?

No. Our volunteers go through a lengthy training process to meet federal requirements for hospital volunteers. As such, it's not possible for us to accommodate short-term volunteer requests.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

While volunteers offer their services free of charge to ARMC, they do receive many benefits. They have a chance to learn new skills while making new friends and developing new interests. Some volunteers use this time to explore new career options and use their experience for further education or employment opportunities. Research also indicates that people who volunteer live longer. Most of all, volunteers receive the satisfaction that comes from being needed and doing something worthwhile that helps others.